About Us

Deep Roots Apothecary


About us

We are proud to introduce Burke VA’s very first CBD apothecary! Currently the CBD / Hemp industry is unregulated. Consumers have to swim through a sea of information and products which they are not sure of. Problems such as mis-labeling, mis-information, non compliant products and even straight up frauds. CBD / Hemp’s popularity isn’t all just hype, this stuff actually works and there is evidence. Consumers need guidance and education to best choose and safely consume CBD / Hemp. All our brands / products have been carefully vetted for quality and compliance. Our mission is to educate the Fairfax, Springfield and Burke community in conjunction to providing real relief.



our Mission

There is real power behind CBD / Hemp. We see it on the daily. There is still a strong stigma towards this plant due to certain family association to marijuana. But in recent years cannabinoids in the cannabis plant has been found to be essential to our bodies. Our community deserves to understand and benefit from the CBD / Hemp plant. Many are suffering and are searching for relief and we owe it to our community to educate and provide this power. Nothing is better than our neighbors expressing positive change in there lives!


our Founders

This is a family run business who prides in plain old good face to face business. Our founders have deep roots in the CBD / Hemp industry and also grew up in the Fairfax, Springfield and Burke area. So it was natural for them to open this CBD / Hemp Store. Seeing the change that many have benefited from CBD / Hemp products, it was obvious this was more of a mission than a business.


A message from our Founders

“We truly believe and seen the power of CBD! One by one we will help our community for the better!”

-Jae & Sunhee-